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Share bug reports as messages to your Teams channels.


BetterBugs seamlessly integrates with your MS Teams account. You can capture issues on a fast track and post them directly to your MS Team channel. You can then access the complete bug report with the included link. Your QA and debugging workflows are boosted and your productivity is improved by miles.

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Steps to integrate BetterBugs with MS Teams:

Step 1: Download and install the BetterBugs extension.

Step 2: Capture the bug using the “Take a screenshot”, “Screen Record”, or “Rewind” feature.

Step 3: Add a title to your bug (Required). Fill in the bug report with all necessary details regarding the issue.

Step 4: Click the “Send to your tools” button, then select “Connect MS Teams” from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Authorize BetterBugs for MS Teams.

Step 6: Hit “Send to your tools” again, select “MS Teams task”, and fill in the task details.

Step 7: Click “Upload bug” to share the task with your team on your MS Teams Team and Channel.

Once done, a new tab will display the MS Teams task, and you’ll find a link to the full bug report on the BetterBugs dashboard, completing the integration.

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