Discover how BetterBugs makes your lives easy while you report software bugs

Take a screenshot

Take instant screenshots of issues.

Screenshot: Cropped, Visible Screen, and Full Page.

Take delayed screenshots: 3 seconds or 6 seconds.


Toolbar for custom markups.

Screen Record

Record screens to show issues in action.

Record Tab or Window (up to 15 minutes).

Pause and resume feature.

Annotatable while recording.

Mic support.


Rewind and review sessions of all your browser activities, anytime—no manual recording required.

Get the last 2-minutes of all browser activities.

Auto-disabled on new websites (until you turn it on manually).

Master toggle switch: To enable/disable feature.

Option to create a list of allowed and blocked websites.

No auto-upload to servers (until you upload manually).

Developer Logs

Get auto-attached developer logs with every bug report to get all the details you need to debug better.

Get console logs, network requests, device info, and more.

Integrated AI Assistant for auto-generated repro-steps.

Add custom metadata.

Get app state details: Cookies and Local Storage.

Handles GraphQL errors with semantic response codes.

Collaborate with Team

Collaborate efficiently and effortlessly across cross-functional software teams and members.

Zero learning curve — log bugs even without technical expertise.

Perfect for QA, devs, managers, support teams, and stakeholders.

Intuitive interface with smart, simple, and powerful workflows.

Collaborative features for speedy bug reporting and fixes.

In-platform commenting on bug reports for shorter TATs.

Integrate with Project Tools

BetterBugs integrates seamlessly with your existing project tools.

Integrates with Slack, Jira, Linear, ClickUp, and many more.

Hassle-free integrations within minutes.

Instant report sharing to project tools via report links.

Quick sharing of existing bug reports to project workspaces.

Auto-template fetching from project tools with project fields.

Quick Sharing

Share bug reports within seconds from your browser or the dashboard.

Report sharing via links.

Instant report sharing from the browser.

Existing report sharing from the BetterBugs dashboard.

Report links sharing to integrated tools within seconds.

Dedicated Workspaces

Manage bug reports with BetterBugs custom workspaces.

Workspace access from the dashboard.

Custom workspaces.

Custom privacy settings.

Role-based settings (Admin or Member).

SSO Settings for onboarding workflows.

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