Supercharge debugging with the power of AI

AI Assistant

Run crazy-fast debugging sessions

Auto-Generated Steps

Reproduce software issues with AI-generated instructions.

Impact Analysis

Analyze errors with AI for shorter TATs and better ROIs.

Bug Diagnosis

Get AI-powered bug diagnosis to find the root cause, faster.

Let AI brainstorm for you.

BetterBugs AI Assistant takes your debugging process leaps forward — in seconds.

Event Capture and Translation
Smart Error Analysis
AI-driven Bug Diagnosis
Auto Debugger
Integrated Bug Reporting
Did you know?

You can shorten your turnaround times significantly with BetterBugs AI Assistant.


Faster debugging sessions


Higher productivity levels


More streamlined fixes


Saved time on reporting

Why BetterBugs ?

BetterBugs offers efficient, context-rich, and data-filled workflows for visual bug reporting and streamlines your debugging sessions with the cutting-edge AI Assistant.

Visual bug reporting
AI-Driven Bug Diagnosis#020101
AI-Driven Impact Analysis#020101
Project Tools Integrations#020101
DevTools and Device Info
File Attachments & Chat
Real-Time Collaboration
Editable Bug Reports#020101
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