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Share bug reports as Linear issues in your workspace.


BetterBugs integrates with Linear in minutes. You can share all your issues directly with your Linear workspace. This cuts down on back-and-forth communication and follow-up on just bug-reporting workflows. BetterBugs lets you capture and share issues like a pro for your developers to debug faster with all the details that they need just with a link.

Report bugs like a Pro

Steps to integrate BetterBugs with Linear:

Step 1: Download and install the BetterBugs extension.

Step 2: Use the “Take a screenshot,” “Record Screen,” or “Rewind” feature of BetterBugs to capture the bug.

Step 3: Add a title (required) for your bug report and fill in all necessary details about the issue.

Step 4: Click the “Send to your tools” button, then select “Connect Linear” from the drop-down menu to authorize BetterBugs for Linear.

Step 5: Choose your Linear Workspace to establish the connection.

Step 6: Click “Send to your tools,” and select “Linear issue”.

Step 7: Complete the Linear task information, including Teams, Parent Issue, etc.

Step 8: Click the green “Upload bug” button to create and post the task to the Linear workspace, complete with all details and a link to the full bug report on the BetterBugs dashboard.

Alright! You’ve successfully integrated Linear with BetterBugs.

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