BetterBugsAI Assistant

Supercharge your debugging and bug management workflows with the power of AI.

BetterBugs AI Assistant helps run lightning-fast debugging sessions.


Auto-Generated Steps

Reproduce software issues with AI-generated instructions.


Impact Analysis

Analyze and evaluate errors with AI for shorter TAT


Bug Diagnosis

Get AI-powered bug diagnosis to find the root cause, faster.

Enhanced Debugging with AI


Event Capture and Translation

Capture user events and get auto-generated repro steps instructions in human-readable language


Smart Error Analysis

Fix issues better with AI-powered error analysis to enhance performance and user-experience.


AI-driven Bug Diagnosis

Get clarity on why, where, and how an issue occurred to access and report impact for targeted fixes.



Get auto-generated and precise debugging steps in seconds, for efficient debugging sessions.


Integrated Bug Reporting

Speed up your bug reporting workflows with an All-in-One Bug Reporting Chrome extension.

You can shorten your Turnaround Times(TATs) immensely with BetterBugs AI Assistant.


Faster Debugging


More Productivity


Streamlined Fixes


Saved Time

Why BetterBugs ?

BetterBugs offers efficient, context-rich, and data-filled workflows for visual bug reporting and streamlines your debugging workflows with the cutting-edge AI Assistant.

Visual Bug Reporting
AI-Driven Bug Diagnosis
AI-Driven Impact Analysis
Project Tools Integrations
DevTools and Device Info
File Attachments & Chat
Real-Time Collaboration
Editable Bug Reports

Capture bugs in action with BetterBugs. Provide clear and detailed bug reports to developers for faster bug resolution.

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